SFLasertag presents .comWars5

An Outdoor lasertag picnic party:

For the fifth year SFLasertag will host a battle for supremacy of Silicon Valley!  .comwars5 is an intense outdoor lasertag picnic party played with high-performing lasertag guns and two-way radio headsets.  Six teams of up to seven players each will combat each other playing 12-minute lasertag games of domination. Games will take place in a wooded garden park in Sunnyvale.  This area has lots of trees and thick bushes, and we'll be setting up inflatable obstacles to make this a fun tactical battlefield.  


Outdoor lasertag is a team sport that is easy to learn and insanely fun to play.  Our games are team-based.  No experience other than good teamwork is necessary.  Anyone can register alone or with a group.  Dotcomwars is fun afternoon lasertag picnic party for those who live and love technology.  



Sunday April 27th 2014 

  • 11am-3pm 1st Session
  • 2pm-6pm 2nd Session


High-end Gear:

Outdoor lasertag guns: 

You'll be playing on some of the best performing outdoor lasertag equipment in the world, provided by www.specopsliveplay.com. These Battlefieldsports lasertag guns have targeting scopes and can register hits over 1000' away with a radio based hit-confirmation telling you when you've scored a hit. We'll have a variety of pistols, carbines, and rifles to choose from.  

Radio Headsets for each player:

Each player will be issued a two-way radio headset so you can hear your teammates scream for you during the game!  There are professional grade radios operated through a local repeater, so you'll hear game sound effects as well.  


Experience lasertag at its finest:

In .comwars5, everyone will be assigned to a team.  After experiencing a 15-minute training course, each team will play four 12-minute games of domination throughout the afternoon.  There will be six teams taking turns competing against each other.  

The objective is for your team to score the most time by controlling three different domination nodes spread over the field. The battlefield is 420' long by 220' wide, and is a combination of woods, open fields with inflatable obstacles, and a garden.  There will be a good combination of woods and open spaces to run around.  There will be both sniping and close quarters combat on this field.  

By the end of this party you’ll be exhausted and exhilarated. It will be the most fun you’ve had in a long time!  


Playing lasertag in a park:

.comwars5 takes place in Sunnyvale right along the bay shoreline, near the Twin Creeks sports complex.  There is plenty of parking in the park right next to the gaming area.  Carpooling will be available from the Sunnyvale Station.  This park is right off the bay trail, easily accessible by bicycle.    

A fun picnic party:

Each team will have about 15-30 minute rest breaks between games.  Picnic snacks and drinks will be provided. There'll be music and fun times.  


Join us:

Advance Registration is Required.  Players may register individually or with a team. 

Registrations includes lasertag equipment, two-way radio headsets, food, drinks, and music.

There are two sessions in the afternoon.  Price is per session.  Each session will last up to four hours, with at least 48 minutes of exhilarating gameplay.   


  • $75 per individual  $65 per individual. 
  • $65 per player when registering a team of 7 at the same time  $55 per player for a team of 7
  • $6 per vehicle entering the park, which will be waived for anyone carpooling players from the Sunnyvale Caltrain station

Registration will be open soon.  Signup to our announcement-only maillist to receive your invitation to .comwars5 and future SFLasertag picnic parties: 



  • Dogs, smoking, and alcohol are not allowed in this park
  • All participants will need to sign a liability waiver and photo / video release form*
  • No camouflage, for fairness of the other players and for the courtesy of other park guests
  • Anyone bringing or consuming alcohol must have a designated driver

* We respect people's right to privacy.  Players who do not want their photos or video taken of them will be put on a media-free team.