Pridewars - Participate


Sat April 3rd, 2010 12pm-5pm at John Mclaren Park in San Francisco


Purchase Pridewars tickets:

Registration for Pridewars is done through  You can click above to purchase tickets for this event.  Tickets can only be purchased in advance.  Walkup registration will not be allowed.  The ticket price is $40 per person to participate.  Please try to bring something for the potluck BBQ as well.


Group Registration:

If you have a group that would like to participate in Pridewars, you can register individually or purchase your tickets all at once.  If you purchase your tickets individually, just come up with a team name and enter it on the questionaire when you register.  Make sure everyone in your group uses the same team name, and you'll all be put on the same team.


Fine Print...


In the unlikely event that we get rained out or this gets canceled, your money will be fully refunded and we will attempt to reschedule this event for another time. Please provide me a phone number so i can call you if this happens.



Payments are refundable. I understand many people may have things come up at the last minute which would prevent them from attending. If you need to cancel after paying, I can refund your money but only if you let me know before the event starts! People who pay but don't show up will forfeit their payment and get cursed by their teammates!



While the lasertag equipment is safe, we ourselves are not. We'll be running around a park with lots of hills, trees, bushes, uneven terrain, and unmarked hazards. Like any other recreational activities that involve high levels of adrenalin, outdoor lasertag can be dangerous. We insist that everyone play in a safe and controlled manner throughout the event.


Liability- Play at your own risk!

Each player will have to fill out a liability release form. Everyone needs to understand that this is a private party and all of us are choosing to participate in this unique and fun activity at our own risk. Of course we will have first-aid supplies available if needed.


Purchase Pridewars tickets: