Since the beginning of Science fiction movies, there have been countless arguments of which science fiction genre would defeat the other in open battle.  


LaserCon is a chance to finally answer this question.  Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Babylon 5, and every other science fiction fans will combat each other, playing 12 minute games of high-tech capture-the-flag. We’ll be using state-of-the-art radio-based lasertag equipment, playing at the beautiful Point Pinole Regional Park in the east bay.  


We provide the latest outdoor commercial lasertag equipment and two-way radio headsets for each player. Everyone will experience an hour of exciting game time, and 4 hours of partying, mingling, and enjoying a potluck picnic lunch.  


The terrain is very large- over 12 acres of eucalyptus trees with century old dynamite bunkers and other historical obstacles.  You’re going to have other Scifi fans shooting at you as you attempt to steal their flag away from them.  You’re going to hear your teammates scream for help over your radio headset.  By the end of this party you’ll be exhausted and exhilarated.  It will be the most fun you’ve had in a long time!  No lasertag experience necessary.  “LaserCon” is an outdoor lasertag picnic party for anyone who lives and loves Science Fiction.  




Coming soon!  We're working on the planning and will announce the date soon.



LaserCon takes place in a beautiful eucalyptus grove in Point Pinole Regional Park in the East Bay.  


The Game

We will be playing high-tech Capture-the-flag games using commercial-grade Battlefieldsports outdoor lasertag equipment rented from specopsliveplay  ( ) in Oakdale CA.  Our private games will take place in a 12 acre wooded area.  We’ll be renting two-way radio headsets for every player so you’ll be in constant communication with your teammates.  We’ll form 6 teams of 6-10 players each representing a scifi genre.  We’ll keep the same teams throughout the afternoon. Each team will play an 8-minute warm-up game, followed by 4 12-minute games during the 5 hour event.


No lasertag experience is necessary.  Lasertag is strategic game that’s easy to learn and it’s fun for everyone.



The Party:

Between games, we’ll enjoy a potluck picnic feast, enjoy music and watch other games in progress.  We’ll even be able to listen to the other team’s radiocom traffic through boomboxes in the picnic area.  



Registration will be available online shortly

LaserCon Registration $45 + something yummy for the potluck lunch


East bay park and recs charges $2 per dog.  Dogs are not permitted to play lasertag.  Sflasertag is signature to the international landmine treaty, and therefore we’ve banned the use of landmines during any of our events.  


Please register early as this event will sell out.  Space is very limited- we can have a maximum of 60 people playing.  You may register alone or in groups of up to 6 people, if you want to play on the same team.  Spectators are welcome to attend for free, but should still register since our permit has a maximum number are allowed.  


Getting Here: 

Point Pinole Regional Park charges cars $5 each to park in their lot.  This is not covered by registration.  I will reimburse the $5 for anyone who will carpool people to/from the nearby Richmond Bart station.  Carpool leaves Richmond Bart at 10:30am.


Anyone who wants to take public transportation should be at Richmond Bart station no later than 10:20am.  


The 70 AC transit bus that travels to/from Richmond Bart station to the park, but it takes 45 minutes which is uncivilized for a 4.2 mile journey. 


Big LONG WALK to the lasertag site itself!

From the parking lot to the lasertag site is 4,100’.  It will take you 15-20 minutes to walk it.  Please budget for this time when travelling to the park.  If you have a bicycle, that will cut down your travel time.  Be advised bicycles use is not permitted during the games.  



There are several patches of poison oak in in the 10 acre playing field that we'll be playing with.  We can still have an enjoyable time, but we need to take a few precautions.  We will show all players what poison oak looks like and how to avoid it.  We will do our best to mark all patches of poison oak with caution tape.  We will provide Tecnu poison oak lotion to help minimze the chance of the urushiol oil from poison oak from being absorbed into your skin if you do make contact with this nasty plant.  We recommend wearing long pants, keep your hands washed between games, and immediately wash your clothes after playing.