Make Love And War III Results

Make Love & War 3 was a fun afternoon of lasertag in the park.  We played in a new park in Oakland.  For the first time we had a serious sound system setup.  We also premiered our new interactive flag poles playing the domination game format.  After a round of domination, we switched to attack and defend, where defenders had only 20 hit points with no respawns, and the attackers had 10 hit points with unlimited respawns.  It was a timed game to see which team could last the longest.

It was fun afternoon of lasertag.  All of us were exhausted and exhilarated!


April 21st, 2013


Oakland, CA


Team name total time how
The Mews 1:24:34 won all 4 games
The Happy Herb Family 58:45 won 2 domination games
The Templars 50:56 won 1 attack/defend game
The Weather Underground 50:52 won 1 domination game
The Mews
The Mews
The Happy Herb Famliy
The Happy Herb Family
The Templars
The Templars
The Weather Underground
The Weather Underground