Make Love and War II took place on Labor Day, September 7, 2009, at Junipero Serra Park.


Make Love and War II Results
Team Name Points How
Damage 6 3 flags captured, 1 loss
Want a cracker 3 1 flag captured, 1 win by attrition, 1 loss
Bagelfodder 2 2 wins by attrition
Team Echidna 2 2 wins by attrition
Lorem Ipsum 0 4 losses


Make Love and War I took place on April 18, 2009 at Golden Gate Park.


Make Love and War I results
Team Name Points
Love Peloquin 4
Echidna 3
Pinko 2.5
Zorg 2.5
Red Shirts (Brown Coats) 1.5
Blue Tongue 1.5

Due to time constraints, we never fully played the last two games of Love Peloquin vs Red Shirts and Blue vs Zorg. For fairness sake, I’m going to assume each of those games is a draw, and giving .5 win for each of those teams.