Dotcomwars2 was our most amazing and popular sflasertag picnic party yet.  We sold out at 72 players!  We formed 6 teams of 12 players each, and roamed a huge redwood campsite in Memorial Park, Loma Mar.  It was gorgeous!  Each team had their flag planted in a burnt out redwood tree.  The park was beautiful and quiet.  We had a gourmet caterer providing everyone 1st class food.  Everyone had a great time.  I’m tentatively planning our next .comWars to be next Laborday.


Monday Memorial Day May 31, 2010 1-6:45pm



Memorial Park, Loma Mar, CA.



Team Name Points How
Chilling Griefers 5 1 flag captured, 1 penalty point, 2 wins by attrition
AllStars 3 3 wins by attrition
Facebook 9000 3 1 flags captured, 1 wins by attrition
TwitWorks 2.5 2 wins by attrition, 1 tie
BayPac 2 1 flag captured
Echidna 1/2 1 tie

  • Capturing the enemy flag and returning it to your base with your team’s flag still there is worth 2 victory points
  • If at the end of 12 minutes no team achieves this, 1 victory point is given to the team with the fewest respawns ( win by attrition )
  • If neither flag is captured and the number of respawns is equal, then we consider the game a tie and both teams earn 1/2 victory point.